The Oaks Corner is located at 4099 San Pablo Ave. at Park  in Emeryville, CA.

We are a sports bar, restaurant and Hofbrau in
partnership with the famous Oaks Card Room

We accept cash and all major credit cards. Photo ID is required
ATM on premises

Take Out orders  please call 510-652-2259  10AM
Please call ahead for large orders
For catering orders, please allow 48 hours

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We serve many styles of food including

  • Hofbrau style- located inside our bar open               10AM -11PM   
  • American Grill- 24 hrs with limitations
  • Breakfast- served 11 PM to 3PM.
  • Chinese - 24 hrs
  • Vietnamese- served 12 noon to 10PM daily

   Dining room service 7:30AM-1:30PM daily

Daily Specials    (L) 11AM  (D) 5PM

MONDAYS- (L) Turkeyburgers  (D)


WEDNESDAYS- (L) Fried Chicken dinner (D) Pasta

THURSDAYS- (L) Taco dinner

FRIDAYS- (L) Salmon dinner, Ribs

SATURDAYS- (D) Short Ribs dinner

SUNDAYS- (L) BBQ Pork Ribs, Tri Tip (D) Prime Rib